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This site is dedicated to wireless enthusiasts in developing their own wireless embedded system based on 802.15.4 radio hardware. With the emergence of low power wireless technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), we should be aware of what is coming and its potential in bringing the world of embedded system into the next level. And yes, in the future, things will be connected one to another forming a network of things. You will see that your shoes can talk to your cellphone and the cellphone will be able to warn you through a wireless earpiece concerning your punctuality with your today's meeting schedule, saved in your cellphone. Based on this given real time information you might need to speed up your walking pace to reach your destination on time. Interested to develop one? then read on!

Wireless Me! for the Internet of Things

At the very basic, you need to understand how the 802.15.4 radio hardware works and how to exploit it for a simple application. You can start to learn with the simplest peer to peer protocol, then moving towards star/mesh networking application, and finally going far ahead with the most powerful 6lowpan/IPv6 or even ZigBee implementation as you like. All material provided in this website can be used for private or commercial use. The reference design shall allow you to build your own nodino. If you somehow modified your nodino and publish your new reference design, we definitely would like to hear about it.

Share and Contribute

The open knowledge and resources to develop your own wireless thingy is available freely here on this website. While you can get it for free from us of what we share, in return, we would also like to take something from you. Something really precious in your life, it is YOUR TIME! Please spend some time to spread the news and the knowledge you got, so that others may learn what you did not know before. Please spend some time to check the forum and contribute your insight on problems. Help and support others and others will help you in the future!

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